Rein Drops Tone Control Gels

Rein Drops Tone Control Gels allow the best parts of your drums and cymbals to cut through the mix. Rein Drops are only sticky on one side to prevent dirtying and accidental stick contact. Apply to your drums and cymbals to rein in the unwanted overtones and bring out the natural tones you want to hear! 

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Give your cymbals the sizzle they deserve with Cymbolo. Based off of the classic western bolo tie, Cymbolo instantly gives any cymbal a smooth sizzle texture that can be adjusted for more or less sizzle. Adjust Cymbolo so one cord hangs over the edge of the cymbal for a slightly drier effect. The leather cords can also be played to provide a mallet-roll effect. Cymbolo is a handmade product.

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Dampen your drums and cymbals or get that sought-after 'dead drum' sound with UtiliTowel. Using an 18" x 11" microfiber towel with two metal hooks, you can secure UtiliTowel to any drum or cymbal. 

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CymbalReins | CR5

Versatile cymbal dampener - Fits cymbal size 8" to 24". Reduces overtones without compromising tonal quality. Highly durable & impact resistant through carbon fiber reinforced nylon components. Infinitely adjustable dampening.

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